24 Hour Traffic School in Miami is unlike any other Traffic School.

We are the first traffic school to offer entertaining and educational courses that will allow students to learn in a fun environment. Our classrooms are equipped with a private auditorium environment, surround sound, comfortable stadium seating and the latest projection technology.

Our school cosmetic concept is similar to a movie theater with an environment that is not usual for a traffic school, allowing our students to enjoy themselves as they learn about how to become safer and more aware drivers.

Our approach is not just to graduate you and you go on with your life, we ensure you know exactly what steps to take next when you graduate and walkout of our school which allows you to become more knowledgeable on Traffic Education.

Meet the main team of 24 Hour Traffic School in Miami

Melissa A. Guerra
Melissa A. Guerra
Her professional career began in the year 2005 when getting involved with The Miami YMCA as Teen Site Director coordinating self motivating seminars, community service projects and educational field trips. Given that she was devoted and passionate to make a difference in the community, she opened up 24 hour traffic school on the basis of saving teenagers lives, one class at a time. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration in Hospitality Management from St. Thomas University in 2007, where she also played soccer as part of the women soccer program. She has demonstrated everyday how happy she is to be part of a large movement that will result in providing important information to our teens. She is an excellent problem solver and her performance reflects her ability to think outside the box.
Gustavo A. Guerra Jr.
Gustavo A. Guerra Jr.
He also goes by the name of “Gumby” who is a unique individual in every way began his early profession as a break dancer, entertaining all over the world throughout tours, festivals and street shows. Attended St. Thomas University under the Sports Management Program, Later began working with the Miami Heat (World Champions) and continues with the organization now for over 12 years and counting. Marketing and Promotions is his strong point, using his creativity to teach the youth in the midst of life changing experiences, and making learning fun. Being out in the community and making a difference is what he likes to do, now creative director and part owner of 24 Hour Traffic School, he gets the chance to do that every day.

Community Involvement


24 Hour Don’t Text & Drive Campaign

“The world is not interested in what we do for a living. What they are interested in is what we have to offer freely – hope, strength, love and the power to make a difference!” Sasha Azevedo (born 1978) Entertainer

24 Hr Traffic School is committed to promoting injury prevention in the communities we serve, and thus feel compelled to increase public awareness of the dangers of texting and driving in our community schools.

How we create public awareness for our very own “YOU TEXT YOU CRASH” Campaign :

  • Billboards around school’s parking lot and Entrance.
  • Signage around school campuses
  • School Pep-Rally shows
  • School Morning Public services announcements on both vocal and television channels

The “YOU TEXT YOU CRASH” campaign partners up with area high schools to deliver this powerful message. Our goal is to reduce the number of car crashes caused by texting while driving. The average number of daily texts per user is estimated between 15 and 32. The common usage has led to a text reception habit, or addiction, to remaining connected, called “REACHABILITY”

24 Hr Traffic School hopes its campaign speak volumes to all drivers, especially young people. Seeing family’s heartache has given us the drive to take our course out of our classroom and into your school.

Putting a stop to these needless deaths, as well as hundreds of thousands of injuries will require everyone to take personal responsibility for safe driving